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A History of Dorset - Prehistoric to Modern

  • Ancient Dorset

    Prehistoric Dorset

    Ancient Dorset from the dinosaurs through to the Iron Age

  • Roman Dorset

    The Romans in Dorset

    The Romans in Dorset from the 1st to 5th century AD

  • Saxon Dorset

    Saxon Dorset

    The Age of Wessex and the Saxon kings

  • Dorset in the Middle Ages

    Medieval Dorset

    From the Black death reaching Britain, through the English Civil War and The Reformation to the Monmouth Rebellion

  • 18th/19th century Dorset

    18th/19th Century Dorset

    Whilst many of Dorset's towns blossomed in the Georgian era it was a different story for those in the country

Information on Dorset's history from the Dinosaurs and creatures who's fossils can be found on the Jurassic Coast through to the Georgian and Victorian heydays

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