Bindon Abbey // Wool

The ruins of Bindon Abbey, a former Cistercian monastery are located close to Wool on the River Frome. It was built in 1149 originally at a different site, near Lulworth Cove, as a daughter house for Forde Abbey but was moved to its current position in 1172 when the terrain couldn't sustain the building.

During the English Civil War a country house built on the estate during the 16th century was burnt down, although the gardens and moated water features can still be seen today. Other features that can still be seen amongst the ruins include the foundations of the monastery and some surviving walls that show the layout of a church.

Bindon Mill to the north of the ruins was originally part of the monastery, however this was converted into a private residence between 2006 and 2009.

Bindon Abbey House, built between 1794 and 1789, also sits on the former abbey grounds, this is now a wellness retreat. Access to the ruins is by permission of the current owners of the estate.