The Dorset County Museum // Dorchester

Dorset County Museum
Victorian Hall
Photo: © Dorset County Museum
Weymouth Bay Pliosaur
Photo: © Dorset County Museum

The story of Dorset's rich landscape told in a series of facinating displays. Founded in 1846, the diverse collections include Roman mosaics, original Thomas Hardy manuscripts and fossilised dinosaur footprints.

Located in the county town of Dorchester is the Dorset County Museum. Housed in an attractive gothic style building the museum documents the story of Dorset's historical and natural environment.

It was originally founded in 1846 and designed specifically as the home of the museum's collection and to help protect and record the county's unique history.

The museum boasts over two million archaeological artefacts across geology, history, local writers and natural science, with interactive video and audio displays. Some notable collections include Roman mosaics, Thomas Hardy manuscripts and fossilised dinosaur footprints.