Attractions in Osmington

  • Enjoy a donkey ride across Weymouth Beach. Rides available from 11am to 5.30pm.

  • This Forte forms part of the defensives of Portland Harbour, a man-made enclosure of the old sheltered anchorage of Portland Roads.

  • One of a network of marine life aquariums stretching across Europe. Key attractions include otter, seal & penguin sanctuaries, tropical shark nursery, splash lagoon and pirate mini golf.

  • Britain's only museum solely devoted to dinosaurs. Fossils, skeletons and life sized reconstructions, combined with audiovisual and hands-on displays.

  • Touch screen computers, videos, medals, uniforms and medals representing Devonshire & Dorset Regiments and Yeomanry.

  • An unmissable family museum and Teddy Bear House with people sized bears. Includes the earliest teddies and todays TV favourites.

  • An internationally acclaimed re-creation of Tutankhamun's tomb and treasures. Full school service and specialist Egyptian shop.

  • The story of Dorset's rich landscape told in a series of facinating displays.

  • Exhibition featuring a group of the life sized clay warriors created in China by the conservation technicians who preserve and restore the warriors after excavation.

  • Iron Age hillfort located just outside of Dorset.