Sherborne Castle // Sherborne

Built in 1594 by Sir Walter Raleigh. Set in 40 acres of landscaped gardens and grounds.

Despite the name Sherborne Castle is not actually a castle but a 16th century Tudor mansion. The real castle in Sherborne is referred to as Sherborne Old Castle and the now ruined 12th century castle lies within the house's extensive grounds.

Originally the home of Sir Walter Raleigh, Sherborne Castle was built on the site of an existing hunting lodge and named Sherborne Lodge. When Raleigh's fortunes took a turn for the worse and he was sent to the Tower of London the estate and house were leased to Sir John Digby, the Earl of Bristol. He extended the house, adding 4 wings to give it its present day appearance.

With the English Civil War in 1645 Sherborne Old Castle was destroyed by Parliamentary forces and over time the name 'Sherborne Castle' was transferred to the house.

The stately home has been the home of the Digby Family ever since and over the years the grounds and gardens were landscaped to a high standard by the likes of Capability Brown. Today the gardens are open to the public much of the year, and the house is open to the public most Saturdays. Inside there are rich interiors, fine art collections, furniture and porcelain to view. There are also regular special events, such as concerts and firework displays held on the estate.

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