Alum Chine Beach

Alum Chine beach

Alum Chine is another blue flag beach situated near the award-winning Alum Chine Tropical Gardens. This gently-sloping sandy beach is safe for swimmers and hosts a variety of water sports including surfing, windsurfing, canoeing and sailing.

Dogs are welcome all year although there may be restrictions between May and September.

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Alum Chine Beach tide times

  • Tue 27th June

    Low 02:16am (0.61m)
    High 07:44am (5.44m)
    Low 02:34pm (0.79m)
    High 08:07pm (5.58m)
  • Wed 28th June

    Low 03:04am (0.78m)
    High 08:33am (5.24m)
    Low 03:20pm (1.01m)
    High 08:55pm (5.36m)
  • Thu 29th June

    Low 03:52am (1.02m)
    High 09:22am (5.00m)
    Low 04:07pm (1.26m)
    High 09:44pm (5.11m)
  • Fri 30th June

    Low 04:40am (1.29m)
    High 10:14am (4.75m)
    Low 04:56pm (1.52m)
    High 10:38pm (4.85m)

Alum Chine Beach Location

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