Ringstead Bay

Ringstead Bay
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Ringstead Bay is a small shingle beach with some sand whose inaccessibility protects it from the worst of the summer crowds. Situated five miles east of Weymouth, this sheltered bay is overlooked by unspoilt farmland and cliffs and reached by means of a private road.

The bay has an interesting geology, from the famous coral beds at one end to the white chalk cliffs of White Nothe at the other, from the top of which are spectacular views of the Isle of Portland. The beach is also a popular haunt for fossil collectors, who can often be found rummaging in the rubble at the base of the cliffs for crushed ammonites and other fossils.

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Ringstead Bay tide times

  • Tue 25th July

    Low 01:14am (0.54m)
    High 06:42am (5.56m)
    Low 01:32pm (0.65m)
    High 07:03pm (5.75m)
  • Wed 26th July

    Low 02:01am (0.58m)
    High 07:27am (5.47m)
    Low 02:16pm (0.73m)
    High 07:47pm (5.64m)
  • Thu 27th July

    Low 02:44am (0.72m)
    High 08:10am (5.32m)
    Low 02:59pm (0.91m)
    High 08:30pm (5.44m)
  • Fri 28th July

    Low 03:26am (0.95m)
    High 08:53am (5.11m)
    Low 03:39pm (1.15m)
    High 09:12pm (5.19m)

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