Gussage Saint Andrew

Located in the heart of the Dorset countryside, two miles from the charmingly named Sixpenny Handley, is the hamlet of Gussage Saint Andrew, which now essentially consists of a few cottages and farms. in In the surrounding area there are have been numerous Celtic burial mounds discovered as well as Roman coins and the remains of a roman villa on Oak Hill.

Since the 13th century, Gussage Saint Andrew was home to a chapele which served the inhabitants of neighbouring Minchington. Originally made from wood until a fire meant it was replaced as a stone building. The chapel building is unimpressive from the exterior, and although services still take place, it is kept locked when not in use.

Inside Gussage Saint Andrew are 13th century wall paintings, during the 19th century it was plastered over as it was considered too crude for Victorian tastes and was discovered in the 1950s and restored. Within the chapel there is also a 12th century Norman nave and 13th century chancel.