The Dorset Flag

The Dorset flag, a white cross edged with red on a gold background, began its existence in September 2008 following a public vote organised by the County Council.

The Hardy Monument

The Hardy Monument is situated at the summit of Blackdown Hill overlooking the village of Portesham in West Dorset.

The Cerne Abbas Giant

The Cerne Abbas Giant is also known as the "Rude Man", for obvious reasons. It is the largest hill drawing in Britain and one of only two human representations

William Barnes - Poet

A breif biography of poet William Barnes, best known for his poetry written in the Dorset dialect

18th and 19th century Dorset

Like many places in Britain, the Industrial Revolution wasn't widely welcomed in Dorset. Cottage industries suffered and the lot of agricultural workers came to a head

Medieval Dorset

In the Middle Ages battles were fought and castles built in Dorset. Dorset's strong ties with the military were formed partly owing to the defence of its coast

The Saxons in Dorset

Dorset in Saxon times was part of the Kingdom of Wessex. From the 5th to 10th century Dorset had many royal connections

The Romans in Dorset

Dorset is rich in Roman remains, perhaps the best known of which is Maiden Castle

Prehistoric Dorset

Dorset's well known Jurassic Coast is one of the World's most important geological sites. It gives us a layer by layer view of the formation of the Prehistoric Earth