The Nothe Fort // Weymouth

Nothe Fort entrance
Photo: © Jim Linwood / CC BY-SA 3.0
Nothe Fort guns
Photo: © Vsfx / CC BY-SA 3.0

This Forte forms part of the defensives of Portland Harbour, a man-made enclosure of the old sheltered anchorage of Portland Roads. Facinating displays, a large collection of artefacts and magnificent views.

Nothe Fort is a Victorian fort in Weymouth located at the mouth of Portland harbour and Weymouth harbour. It was built in 1872 to protect ex-military Portland harbour from attack and soon became an important Royal Navy base. During the World War II Nothe Fort played a crucial role for British and American naval troops.

After the war Nothe Fort was abandoned by the military and remained unused until 1961 when it was purchased by the local council and turned into a museum of coastal defence. Advances in technology that affected the fort are explained through displays and exhibits, including world war two memorabilia, original cannons and guns and British and American second world war vehicles. Cinema areas chart the history of the impressive building, which is one of the best-preserved of its kind. The museum is constructed over three levels, easily accessed via a lift. A maze of underground tunnels give way to ramparts and gun decks which offer stunning views of the Jurassic Coast.

Nothe Fort is used for a wide range of events. The picnic area on the ramparts is billed as one of the top vantage points from which to watch the 2012 sailing olympics.