West Hill Donkeys // Weymouth

Weymouth Beach donkeys
Photo: © Weymouth Donkeys

Enjoy a donkey ride across Weymouth Beach. Rides available from 11am to 5.30pm.

Formerly Maggie's Donkeys and continuing the tradition of beach donkey rides on Weymouth beach since the late 1800’s

We are based in Weymouth and our donkeys work at the Pavilion end of Weymouth beach. Our donkeys can be found there during the season from March to September. We started our donkey rides on the 7th May 2005 and have so far won awards for the Best Beach Donkeys in the region. We normally start work at 11 o'clock and finish at 5 o'clock as long as the weather is fine. We normally have a one hour break for a lunch of hay and fresh water with the occasional apple and carrot thrown in.

Please note: Riders must be 16 years and under, with a weight limit of 7 stone, 45kg