Kimmeridge Surf

Kimmeridge is a right hand reef with three options that, again, rarely work, and even if there is swell, are often blown out (even when Bournemouth is offshore). If you are there on the right day (a big south westerly swell combined with a north-easterly wind), you can choose between the Ledges, the Bay and the Bench.

The Bay is only good when it's massive and the other two options are unsurfable, in which case you get great long, sheltered rides.

The Ledges is great for longboarding, although there is an immense paddle out.

The Bench (Broadbench), which is often closed due to army activity, breaks over a very shallow reef that can hold up to 12ft and creates a fast and hollow wave, not for beginners. It is actually one of the best waves in the UK when it is on - but the firing range combined with the limited swell window mean if you don't live nearby you'll be lucky to score it.
If you are thinking of checking it and want to know what the army’s up to, call 0800 856628. There are strict access rules that must be adhered to if surfing there is to continue.

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